1 Name – The Society shall be called the Wiveliscombe Horticultural Society.
2 Object – The object of the Society shall be to promote the good cultivation of gardens and allotments by holding horticultural shows and competitions.
3 Management – The management of the Society shall be vested in a president, chairperson, vice chairperson, honorary treasurer and honorary secretary plus a committee. The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies which may occur in the body between the Annual General Meetings. The president of the Society shall be elected for three years and officers for three years. An officer may stand down if s/he wishes after one year and may also stand for re-election on completion of the three-year appointment (it would normally be arranged that the chairperson/honorary treasurer and vice chairperson/honorary secretary would stand for election in alternate years). An emergency Committee of six (three to form a quorum) shall be elected from the general Committee. The chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer and secretary shall be ex-officer members of all Committees. Any member being absent from two-thirds of the Committee meetings during the year and not rendering any other assistance to the Society may have his or her name removed.
4 Sub-Committees – The Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees on such terms as they shall think fit and to co-opt any person to such sub-committees.
5 Special Meetings – At the request of any six members of the Committee the secretary shall call a general meeting. Five clear days notice shall be given.
6 Treasurer’s Accounts – These accounts shall be prepared and presented at the Annual General Meeting of the members and Committee of the Society which shall be held yearly not later than the 31st December following the show.
7 Alteration of Rules – None of the foregoing rules shall be altered, amended or rescinded except at the Annual General Meeting of the Society or at a general meeting called for that purpose and every such proposed alteration shall be specified on the notice convening such a meeting.

Please note that the AGM of the society will take place on Wednesday 8th November 2023 at 7.00 pm in the Community Centre.

Entry to the Exhibition Marquees from 12.15pm
(Marquees are closed to allow for judging)
Cups and shields will be presented at 4.00 pm

Show Regulations
The Society Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup will be presented for the best exhibit in the whole show.

All entries must be made on the forms provided (web or paper) and be submitted by Saturday August 12th 2023
Full details are on the entry form. No late entries will be accepted.
The Rec will be open for exhibitors on Saturday 19th August from 7 am to 9.30 am.
All exhibits, including children’s exhibits, must be displayed in the appropriate marquee before 9.30 am on the day of the show, after which time no one will be admitted.
All classes must be staged, and exhibitors and assistants leave by 9.45 am promptly.
Judging will commence at 10 am.
Only officials of the Society will be admitted to the exhibition
Marquees while judging is in progress.
Exhibits must not be removed before 4.30 pm on the day of the show.
Prizes in the show (unless otherwise stated) will be:
1st: £1.00 2nd: 50p 3rd: 25p
Classes: 138, 164 & 165 : £2; £1; 50p
All prize money must be collected between 4 pm and 5 pm on the day of the show. Any prizes not collected by 5 pm will be treated as a donation to the Society.

1 The show will comprise of the following sections:
Section A OPEN Open to all
Section B NOVICES Open for a maximum of 3 years to novices of any age
Section C CHILDRENS PRODUCE Open to children aged up to 11
Section D FLORAL ART Open to all
Section E COOKERY Open to all
Section F HANDICRAFT Open to all
Section G POETRY Adult & Children’s Sections
Section H FINE ART Open to all—includes a children’s class (aged 8-16)
Section I PHOTOGRAPHY Adult & Children’s Sections
Section J CHILDREN’S Open to children aged up to 11

2 All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor and, where applicable, must have been in the exhibitor’s possession for at least four months before the show. Plant materials for Sections A and B must have been grown in the exhibitor’s garden, allotment or other rented ground.
3 All entries must be made on the forms provided in this schedule and sent to the Secretary no later than the date shown on the entry form. The entry fees must be sent with the entry form or the entry will not be accepted.
4 The Committee reserves the right to visit, before or after a show, gardens from which plants, flowers, fruit or vegetables have been entered for competition.
5 The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry and, in the event of such refusal, is not required to give any reason or explanation.
6 Where the number or quantity of plants, flowers, fruit or vegetables is specified in this schedule for a class, vase, dish or collection, neither more nor less than the number or quantity may be shown and an exhibit will be disqualified by any excess or deficiency.
7 The judges shall have the power to recommend extra prizes where special merit is shown, subject to the approval of the Committee.
8 Exhibitors are restricted to one entry per class (this applies to all classes).
9 Only one exhibit is allowed from one garden per class. Unless otherwise stated in the schedule two or more persons from the same garden, nursery or plant house may not exhibit separately in the same class. This applies to all classes except those where the plant material need not have been grown by the exhibitor.
10 All prize money must be collected by 5 pm on the day of the show. Prize money that is not collected will be treated as a donation to the Society.
11 All exhibitors must provide their own plates, dishes, vases and other equipment necessary for the proper staging of their exhibits.
12 Class cards corresponding to the entry will be supplied by the Secretary at the show. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring they are correct and for placing them on their exhibits before judging starts. Anyone seen tampering with other people’s cards or exhibits will automatically be disqualified.
13 Exhibitors will be wholly responsible for all claims made by their own employees under common law or under any stature for compensation arising out of, or in the course of, such employment for injury or otherwise. The Committee has no responsibility to any but its own employees.
14 The Committee shall take all reasonable care of the exhibits but the Society will not be responsible or liable for compensation for loss or damage from any cause whatsoever.
15 The challenge cups and memorial cups listed in this schedule are eligible for competition by all, except the following, which are eligible for competition only by those residing in the church parish of Wiveliscombe:
Section A: Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup, presented by Mrs F E Hancock for most points in section A (classes as specified in section A) and the Society Perpetual Shield for the runner up. In the case of cups, shields, or special prizes offered for the highest number of points gained in any group or classes, points for each prize shall be awarded as follows:
First prize – 6 points Second prize – 3 points Third prize – 2 points
Collections of vegetables (class 164) shall be awarded the following points:
First prize – 12 points Second prize – 8 points Third prize – 4 points
Should two or more exhibitors secure an equal number of points the trophy shall be awarded to the
exhibitor securing most first prizes.
17 The challenge cups, memorial cups and perpetual shields offered by the society in all sections shall be held by successful exhibitors for one year and shall be returned to Wiveliscombe House fourteen days prior to the next show (Friday 4th August 2024).
18 If any dispute or objection shall arise protests must be made in writing and delivered to the Secretary within one hour of the opening of the show, together with a fee of £1. An emergency committee shall then deal with the matter and its decision shall be final. If the protest is upheld the fee will be returned. No notice will be taken of any verbal protest.
19 In Section A “annuals” shall be flowers raised from seed during the 12 months preceding the show.
20 In Sections A and B it is recommended that where unusual varieties are exhibited the name of the variety be shown next to the exhibit.
21 In Section E all entries in classes 500-517 shall be put in clear plastic bags by the exhibitor (not covered in Clingfilm). Entries in classes 518-520 may be put in clear plastic bags at the discretion of exhibitors. Jars of preserves (classes 519-523) i.e. jam, jelly, marmalade, fruit curd and chutney, shall have cellophane covers only. Classes 525-529 should be in clear bottles with a secure topper.
22 In Section F all items shall be new and the work of the exhibitor
23 In Section I all photographs shall be the work of the exhibitor.
24 In Section J all entries shall be the work of the children and not of parents or other supervisors.
25 In all sections, NO person who is considered a “professional” in that they earn their income from that category or has a website advertising that category for substantial financial gain (i.e. more than a hobby) shall be allowed to compete. i.e. photographer, artist, chef.

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